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Solid Skid Steer Tires with AP-SKS pattern for skid steer use

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Categories  :  Solid Sikd Steer Tires    

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Brand  :  ATLAPEX    

Model  :  36x14-20, 38.5X14-20, 15.00-20    

Color  :  Black    

Application  :  skid steer    

Terms of Payment  :  T/T, Paypal   

Update Time  :  2021-03-03    


1. Super high load capacity

2. Special Sidewall design gives excellent cushion fuction and driving comfort

3. Execllent wear resistance, climbing, steering dexterity, start torque and tread grip. 

4. The specially composed formulation provides a good anti-cutting performance, good puncture resistance.

5. High Stability and Safty


Articulating Booms 

Front Loader 


Snow Plow 

Telescopic Booms 




SIZES: 31x10-16, 33x12-20, 36x14-20, 38.5X14-20, 15.00-20, 18.00-20, 385/65-24, 445/65-24  Boom lift tire, skid steer tires, telehandler tires, Solid Skid Steer Tires with AP-SKS pattern for skid steer use

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