Specialty Tires and Wheels Solution Provider

Products Development

How to Develop a New Product?

ATLAPEX has been developing various more safer, more durable, and more economical speicalty tires for our customers. 

Consulting Stage

ATLAPEX is always standing close to clients and values being able to keep in close contact with our clients, with regular and direct communication. 
Our commitment to each new products starts from technical consulting and continues even after the order has been accomplished to our client's greatest satisfaction. We assist and guide all contributors through each stage of the developments, to collect more data about application, vehicle, working condition etc. which may effect on the performance of the new tire.

Every new input and new inquiry or new project is an opportunity for us to keep progressing and gain more expertise & experience to better serve our clients. 

Designing & Rapid Prototyping Stage

According to the info from the first consulting stage, all structure, tread pattern, bead design will be demonstrated and calculated during the designing stage. Our ultimate goal is to provide professional design and cost-effective one-stop solution for our clients. All design philosophy and technical proposals are discussed creatively in collaboration with our clients and in-house experts. The design and costing will be done in this stage, to check the possibility if the new products can be accepted by the market. 

For many years, ATLAPEX have reached many new products development not only for unique and never-before-seen tire, but also for continuously improvement in existing products. ATLAPEX are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of compound and structure. Our in-house advanced facilities and experienced specialists helps our clients on Rapid Prototyping to make their designing idea into reality. We innovate and develop prototypes combining different characteristics for specialty tires. we continue our development by providing professional design and high-quality products.Manufacturing stage

Providing critically safe and reliable specialty tires and wheels ATLAPEX has a strong focus on all process of manufacturing in every details. All manufacturing process is done strictly in accordance with international standard & specifications, drawings, calculations and quality requirements, in order to ensure a safe and reliable tires and wheels.

Testing & Quality Control

Our certified labs constantly inspect all rubber raw material used for the production of our high quality material in order to verify compliance with material requirements for each single order.

Performance verification testing is usually conducted at the point of manufacture, often under the supervision of an independent and qualified third party or our clients, and we know that our products stand up to surveillance. All of ATLAPEX’s testing equipment and processes meet the most severe industry standard.To ensure ATLAPEX’S tires and wheels meet the highest standards, we stay a strict quality control from the first second of production for every order and every day. The strict quality requirements from our clients have grown steadily. This development matches what has been ATLAPEX's guiding principle for decades: " Your Reliable Specialty tires and wheels provider.  "We are sincerely and proudly aware that we supply safety-critical specialty tires and wheels that must be proven deserving our clients' trust without fail. Our products keep high efficiency in mining, material handling industry, agriculture, etc. Countless individuals rely on the quality of our work and materials, which we monitor continually.