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Tire O-Ring

Tire O-rings are an essential component of tires that help to keep them properly sealed and inflated. These small, circular rings are made from high-quality rubber and are designed to fit snugly around the rim of the tire, creating an airtight seal that p

Tire O-Ring

Gaint OTR tire O-ring OR-349-T

Min. Order: 100 piece

• The Gaint OTR Tire O-ring OR-349-T is a reliable and efficient rubber seal that plays a vital role in ensuring optimal performance and safety for large-scale OTR tires. With its superior material, precision engineering, longevity, and ease of installation, this O-ring offers numerous benefits, including enhanced safety, improved performance, and cost savings. By choosing the OR-349-T, OTR tire users can rest assured knowing their tires are equipped with a high-quality sealing solution.