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Resilient Tires

ATLAPEX resilient Tires and solid tires can be used in extreme duty working condition.  Full range forHeli, Hangcha, EP, Toyota, Crown, linde, NOBLIFT, Hyster, STILL, Tailift, Caterpillar /Cat, jungheinrich, BT, BYD etc.

Resilient Tires

Solid Tire 355/50-20: The Best Choice for Heavy-Duty Applications

Min. Order: 10 piece

• Solid tires have become increasingly popular in the industrial sector due to their durability, puncture-proof construction, and long-lasting performance. When it comes to carts, solid tires are the best choice for heavy-duty applications, as they can withstand the weight of heavy loads and rough terrain without any fear of punctures or blowouts.