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OTR Tires

China OTR Tires, OFF-THE-ROAD tires, or simply OTR tires, are a type of tire that is designed for use on heavy-duty vehicles that operate off-road. These vehicles include skid steers, boom lifts, trenchers, backhoe loaders, excavators, road construction equipment, forklifts, SPMTs, loaders, dozers, graders, military vehicles, underground mining equipment, sand vehicles, and monster trucks.

OTR Tires

Military Tire 13-20 for Military Vehicles

Min. Order: 0 piece

• The importance of 13-20 military tires for military vehicles cannot be overstated. These tires offer enhanced traction, durability, load-bearing capacity, self-cleaning capabilities, and all-weather performance. By equipping military vehicles with these tires, armed forces can ensure the optimal performance and safety of their vehicles, enabling them to complete their missions successfully in the most challenging terrains and weather conditions.

ATLAPEX Military Tire 340-457 (13.00-18) for BTR60 BTR 70 and BTR 80: Unmatched Performance on Various Terrains

Min. Order: 50 piece

• The ATLAPEX Military Tire 340-457 (13.00-18) is a specialized tire developed for BTR60, BTR 70, and BTR 80 military land vehicles. With superior traction, enhanced durability, versatile performance, optimal load capacity, and improved fuel efficiency, this tire offers unparalleled performance on various terrains. It ensures the mobility, agility, and safety of military vehicles, contributing to the success of critical missions and operations.

ATLAPEX Port Tire 12.00-24 and 14.00-24 for Empty Container Handler with Excellent Performance

Min. Order: 10 piece

• The ATLAPEX Port Tire 12.00-24 and 14.00-24 models are the ideal choice for empty container handlers in port operations. With their robust construction, excellent traction, and high load-bearing capacity, these tires offer superior performance, increased productivity, and enhanced safety. Moreover, their longevity and fuel efficiency contribute to significant cost savings for port operators. Choose ATLAPEX Port Tires for your empty container handling needs and experience the difference in performance and durability.

ATLAPEX backhoe loader front tire 12.5/80-18 available in 12 PR and 16PR with R-4 pattern

Min. Order: 50 piece

• The backhoe loader front tire 12.5/80-18 is a versatile and reliable tire option available in both 12 PR and 16 PR with an R-4 pattern. This tire is specifically designed for backhoe loaders, offering excellent traction, durability, and performance in various working conditions.

ATLAPEXS Skid Steer AT-SKS4 L5 pattern, 10-16.5 12-16.5 and 14-17.5

Min. Order: 50 piece

• ATLAPEXS Skid Steer AT-SKS4 L5 pattern, available in sizes 10-16.5, 12-16.5, and 14-17.5, is a versatile and reliable tire choice for skid steer loaders.

Underground mining tire 18.00-25 smooth , L5s, L4S for underground mining LHD

Min. Order: 10 piece

• The L5s variant of the 18.00-25 smooth tire is designed for heavy-duty applications. It features a deeper tread depth and a stronger casing, making it ideal for LHD vehicles operating in rugged terrains. The L5s tire provides enhanced traction and increased load-carrying capacity, allowing the LHD to transport larger volumes of material efficiently. On the other hand, the L4s variant of the 18.00-25 smooth tire is specifically tailored for LHD vehicles operating in less severe conditions. It offers a shallower tread depth compared to the L5s, providing improved maneuverability and lower rolling resistance. The L4s tire excels in underground mining environments with smoother surfaces, where a balance between traction and fuel efficiency is crucial.

Backhoe Loader Tire: R-4, Rear Position 16.9-28, Front Position 12.5/80-18

Min. Order: 20 piece

• The rear position tire of a backhoe loader is critical in providing traction and stability. The 16.9-28 tire size is commonly used in the rear position. It has a large contact area, which ensures that the machine does not sink in soft soil. It also provides excellent traction in wet and muddy conditions. The 16.9-28 tire size is also durable and can withstand heavy loads and rough terrains.

Radial dumper truck tire 14.00R25 16.00R25 for mining use

Min. Order: 10 piece

• Dumper trucks are heavy-duty vehicles that are commonly used in mining operations to transport large amounts of materials. These vehicles require specialized tires that can withstand the harsh conditions of mining sites. Radial dumper truck tires 14.00R25 and 16.00R25 are two popular options that are specifically designed for mining use.

Mining truck tire 14.00R25,16.00R25

Min. Order: 10 piece

• Mining trucks are used to transport heavy loads of materials, such as coal, ore, and rock, from the mining site to the processing plant or storage area. These trucks operate in harsh and demanding conditions, and their tires need to be able to withstand the weight of the load and the rough terrain.

17.5R25 L5S, 23.5R25 L5S, 26.5R25 L5S,18.00R25 L5S,29.5R29 L5S for underground LHD loader

Min. Order: 10 piece

• Underground LHD loaders are an essential piece of equipment for mining operations. These machines are designed to operate in harsh and challenging environments, making the selection of the right tires a critical aspect of their performance. The 17.5R25 L5S, 23.5R25 L5S, 26.5R25 L5S, 18.00R25 L5S, and 29.5R29 L5S are some of the most popular tire sizes used for underground LHD loaders.

Radial RDT Tire 27.00R49 33.00R51 37.00R57 40.00R57 46/90R57

Min. Order: 2 piece

• Available in sizes 27.00R49, 33.00R51, 37.00R57, 40.00R57, and 46/90R57, the Radial RDT Tire is designed to meet the needs of Caterpillar and Kumasu truck owners. It features a unique tread design that provides excellent traction and stability, even in the toughest conditions.