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Full Range of specialty wheels for Agriculture, Industry, mining use

ATLAPEX specialty wheels which is product of many years of effort, right now we have full range for application for agricultrual use, mining use, construction use and industrial use etc. Quality has been proved by the real site with perfect service and follow us after sales.

ATLAPEX PRESS-ON BAND tires, Full Range, excellent quality

ATLAPEX Press-On Tires are widely used in electric forklift and gravity trailer area. With the feature of its high elastic compound and deap and durable tread design, customerized compound right ot your working condition. welcome your detailed requirement.

6.50-10 & 28X9-15 solid tire with sidewall apertures for more flexable operation

ATLAPEX solid tire 6.50-10 &28X9-15 which is more popular on 3 ton, 3.5 ton forklifts in the material handling industry.

31x15.50-15 agri tires for Lawn mower and trencher new released

ATLAPEX Trencher and lawn mower tire 31x15.50-15 was specially designed to answer the requirement of the most severe operational traction ditching machines like trencher and lawn mover which with R-1 lugs.

Tire protection chain 601 4x4, which is used on gaint loader Tire, for 45/65-45 or bigger.

A Tire Protection Chain is is widely used on the tires which usually work in mining site, slag sites, and wastyard ect, for most time the tires always failed dut to the cut on its sidewall. ATLAPEX tires protection chain protects the tread and sidewalls of the tires to save your expensive tires and ensure a long working lift of the tires.

15-19.5 solid tire for SNORKEL SP2200

New released ATLAPEX 15-19.5 solid tire for SNORKEL SP2200 which is designed and produced for ATLAPEX' S Vietnam customer.


Functions like loading, speed, distance and temperature etc. can be set according to different solid tires. The loading is set and controlled by oil pressure proportion and the screen shows the weight and the machine records automatically at the same time. Temperature records can be set to meet the individual requirements. 364 motor with inverter can adjust the speed according to the testing conditions while the testing is being done. The screen shows the mileage, and the testing records will be memorized.

ATLAPEX 360 Service, wheel and tire assembly

Based on the deep understanding of tire industry, we can easily source the tire related products and help the customers load into the contianer together with your ordered tires.

Live broadcast with customers in Atlapex's showroom

Live broadcast with customers in Atlapex's showroom to help customers in Peru understand the structure and details of 26.5-26 E-4/L-4 AT-L4C