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The ATLAPEX SOLID PORT TRAILER TIRE 10.00-20 CONTIRUN is a high-quality and durable tire designed specifically for port trailers. With its exceptional performance and reliability, this tire is the perfect choice for heavy-duty applications in port environments.

Solid Skid Steer Tire with Rim for BOBCAT, CASE, CAT, MUSTANG, VOLVO, JOHN DEER, etc.

Skid steer loaders are widely used in construction, agriculture, and landscaping industries for their versatility and maneuverability. These powerful machines require durable tires that can withstand the demanding work environments they operate in. One popular choice for skid steer tires is the solid skid steer tire with a rim, which offers several advantages over traditional pneumatic tires.

ATLAPEX Foam Filled Tire 385/65-22.5 for Genie S85

The ATLAPEX Foam Filled Tire 385/65-22.5 is specifically designed for the Genie S85 aerial work platform. This tire is engineered to provide superior performance, durability, and safety in various working conditions.

ATLAPEX FULL range of excavator tire

ATLAPEX is proud to offer a full range of excavator tires designed to meet the demands of various construction and excavation projects. With our commitment to quality and performance, ATLAPEX has become a trusted name in the industry.

Full range of boomlift tires with foam filled service for your highplatform equipments

Full Range of Boomlift Tires with Foam Filled Service for Your High Platform Equipments

ATLAPEX full range of backhoe loader tires available , you always have the right size with right pattern from our products range.

ATLAPEX is proud to offer a comprehensive range of backhoe loader tires, ensuring that you will always find the perfect size and pattern to suit your needs. Our extensive product range guarantees that you can rely on us to provide the right tire for your backhoe loader.

Solid skid steer tires 5.70-12 for BOBCAT S70 model skid steer loader.

solid skid steer tires with a size of 5.70-12 are the perfect choice for the BOBCAT S70 model skid steer loader. Their puncture-proof construction, exceptional traction, long-lasting performance, and stability make them an ideal option for various working conditions. By investing in these tires, operators can enhance the efficiency, productivity, and safety of their BOBCAT S70 skid steer loader.

Full range of O-ring for tubeless OTR tires

Tubeless off-the-road (OTR) tires are essential for heavy-duty vehicles used in construction, mining, and agriculture. These tires are designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide optimal performance and safety. One crucial component of tubeless OTR tires is the O-ring, which plays a significant role in ensuring a secure and reliable seal between the tire and the rim.

Distance ring, another solution for run flat tires

The distance ring is a small, lightweight device that can be installed on regular tires to provide the benefits of run flat tires without the drawbacks. It works by creating a temporary support structure inside the tire, enabling it to continue functioning even after a puncture. The distance ring is made of a strong, flexible material that can withstand the weight of the vehicle and maintain its shape under pressure.

ATLAPEX E-3/L-3 26.5-25 TL 28PR AP-LMAX+ with Deep Tread and Strong Carcass

The ATLAPEX E-3/L-3 26.5-25 TL 28PR AP-LMAX+ is a high-quality tire designed for heavy-duty applications. With its deep tread and strong carcass, this tire offers exceptional performance and durability.