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Forklift wheels,boom lift wheels for Industrial use

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Categories  : Industries Wheels    

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Brand  : ATLAPEX    

Model  : Industrial Wheels    

Application  : industrial use    

Quality  : Premium    

Terms of Payment  : L/C, T/T, Paypal    

Update Time  : 2021-03-03    


The multi piece wheels, split rims, mold-ons, press-ons and single-piece wheels for above mentioned industrial vehicles are designed and produced according to TRA, ETRTO & JATMA standards.  Hot-formed steel is widely utilized on critical parts and we use innovative forming process to ensure highest performance and durability and to realize cost-effeciency for our customers.


Forklifts  Harbor equipments, Ground support equipments,Various handlers, Stackers and cranes.

forklift wheels,boom lift wheels for Industrial use

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