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Agricultural wheels 32xDW27in the W,DW, DC and FB series

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Categories  : Agricultural Wheels    

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Brand  : ATLAPEX    

Model  : 32xDW27 Agricultural Wheels    

Application  : agricultrual use    

Quality  : Premium    

Terms of Payment  : L/C, T/T, Paypal    

Update Time  : 2021-03-03    


Producing agricultural wheels in the W,DW, DC and FB series for Adjustable disc wheels, fixed disc wheels, high speed tractor wheels, row crop wheels and flotation wheels. The wheels are used for . All agriculture wheels are finished with e-coat and powder paint to ensure paint durability under moist/corrosive environment.


Tractor, combine harvester, spraying and irrigation machinery, agricultural implements, flotation vehicles, Sugar Ethanol/Sugar cane trailers, slurry tankers and balers

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