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Update Time: 2020-05-09

What's the suggestion on the tires which used on the front of wheel loader working on tough working?

L-5 Pattern, High Ply Rating Carcass, Tire Compound 

OTR tyres are available in many types because they are used for such a wide range of activities. If we look at pattern depths, we encounter four different types, namely E2/L2/G2, E3/L3/G3, E4/L4, L5. If you would like to choose one for mining sites or very tough working condition L-5 is the right one, speically in front of the wheel loader, due to its deep tread that can aviod the puncture to the carcass.

High ply rating and tire compound is also very important, hig ply rating which can bear more torque force while loader working. for the tire compound, normally choose cut, punture and chip resistance from among many different tire compound.

Tire protection Chain can be used in front of wheel loader, 

Tire protection Chain can be used in front of wheel loader, A tire protection chain (TPC) is a tight and flexible metal mesh covering the tread and sidewalls of the tire to form a barrier against tire damages through punctures, cut and excessive abrasion by sharp-edged rocks and other objects.