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Update Time: 2020-06-29

How to Select the Right Tires with right pattern for Wheel Loader in different applications?

Selecting a right tires with right pattern for wheel loaders may make a significant different peformance on jobsites. If the correct tire pattern is chosen for the right application, it can save money  and avoid downtime.

Choosing a right pattern is most related to the Working conditions of the wheel loaders, following is  recommendation of the pattern for wheel laders according to the different working conditions.

In normal wheel loader working condition,  L2 or L3 tread design is suggested to be used. With the L2 pattern, maximum traction and self-cleaning ability in sand and soft working conditions is favorable. 

The L-4/E-4 offers rock resistance(cut resistance) in a rocky working condition, When looking for tire treads in pit and quarry applications, the bigger the tread pattern, the better performance.