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Tire Foam Fill

High Standard Foam Fill Service

A foam filled tire is a regular tire which is filled with polyurethane. The tire is like a shell wrapping the polyurethane elastomer with low hardness inside. 

  Using the polyurethane elastomer with low hardness, which is high elastic and flexible, makes this tire not only high-load and high-strength like solid tires, but also high- speed and elastic like regular tires.

What's Foam Fill


a. The materials filled in tires are two different liquid, A and B.
b. The two kind of liquid is pumped out from the bucket and mixed under a certain proportion before
entering the tires. 
c. After the mixed liquid getting into the tire, the chemical reaction begins. Later on, the elastic solid polyurethane is produced. The solid polyurethane plays the same role as the air pressure.
d. The air is completely exhausted from the tire.
Why Foam Fill
a. Foam filled tires are able to work under extremely harsh environment, such as underground mine.
b. The polyurethane makes the tire body stronger and enhances the scratchproof and wear-resistant ability of tires. This will help to extend tire life and reduce the cost.
c. Offering excellent shock absorbing performance and thermal stability when travelling. 
d. Avoid of tire burst
Without Foam Filled
Foam Filled

Forklift Tire
Excavator Tire
Mining Equipments
Underground LHD
Boom Lift
Military Vehicle
Wheel Loader
Airport/Dock Tow 
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