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After Sales Service

After Sales Service 
Tire Management

Nothing more than managing tire performance for a particular job site. Initially a tire selection is very important before making any order, Atlapex staffs will make a right recommendation for your vehicle according to your imput of working condition.  After the first tire are to be optimized for the site. Site Conditions also is another issue, well Maintenance is very import to achieve to get the best CPH.
Pressure Recommendation

Correct inflation pressure provides an optimum shape to the tire with the following features and benefits as following:
The maximum ground contact area
Maximum traction and braking
Optimum cornering ability
Maximum flotation
The optimum flexibility
Optimum enveloping of road hazards
Optimum sidewall flexibility to minimize the effects of road irregularities
 Reduced heat levels within tire
Minimum heat levels in the tire reduce fatigue within the tire
To use the longest wearing and most cut resistant tread compound for the operating conditions
 Reduction in downtime
To increase the availability of the equipment
To increase productivity and reduce operating cost


ATLAPEX is a specialist in field, very focus on field tracking and field report, which will be collected by ATLAPEX staffs and ATLAPEX's partners in the real site. which will help ATLAPEX engineer to optimized the tires compound and constructure for a better CPH and help customer save cost in the real operation. also a completed field report can help user to select the right tire as a good reference.
OTR Failure Analysis

Approach: “Supply fairly judgement”.
- Aborative research
- Professional analysis
- Reasonable conclude  
- Be responsible for all ATLAPEX tires.
- Be responsive in processing claims.

Referring the details to Claim Report, please presenting the photos as the following requirements:

Qty.: 7total, including (Resolution: min. 1280*960 pixel,)
    - One showing the tire Serial No.,
    - One showing full picture of tire with brand in sight,
    - One showing damages in close zoom,
    - One showing surroundings of damages taken in far zoom,
    - One showing the inner of damages section 
    - One showing the outer of damages section
    - One showing the vehicle picture and the worst performance conditions.
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