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Vision & Values

ATLAPEX is built on the principles of Quality, Commitment and Partnership. Our dedication to these cornerstones defines our relationships with our customers, our employees and our partners.       
Our Vision
At ATLAPEX, providing the highest quality of OTR tires, industrial solid tires, Agriculture tires, polyurethane tires. truck tires and services is our guarantee.
ATLAPEX is dedicated to offering the highest levels of service. We are here to serve our customers to exceed their expectations and to ensure their success.
Going beyond customer service, ATLAPEX seeks out opportunities to help customers achieve their goals. We believe our success is measured by our customer’s success.

Our Value
We are not only persistent when it comes to efficiently processing your orders. We are also persistent when it comes to the stringent QC processes within our production facilities to ensure customer satisfaction – every day with every order.
Safety is chief mission of our products. We deliver safety critical products to protect people, vehicles, and equipment. No doubt that quality, testing, and safety are of the highest importance in our company.

We are your partner throughout the entire cooperation from the first contact with us, we are on your side along the whole process. Extensive technical consulting at an early pre-sales stage and a dedicated personal contact in the company are only some of the benefits you can expect from ATLAPEX after first.which means a fast response in after sales service.

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