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Your Samrt Option, ATLAPEX skid Steer Tires

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Your Samrt Option, ATLAPEX skid Steer Tires

Issue Time:2020-05-19
Your Samrt Option,  ATLAPEX skid Steer Tires 
Pneumatic Skid Steer Tires 
ATLAPEX skid steer tires are designed with different tire patterns, and each one is meant for different road conditions and driving styles. There are totally 7 pattens for your options, from "easy" road condition to the "tough" road condition, there are difference in sidewall, patterns and tread depth. 
skid steer tires
skid steer tires
skid steer tires
Solid Skid Steer Tires 
Solid Skid Steer tire is one One way to avoid a puncture/flat, and typically at the most inconvenient times, thereby resulting in unexpected and costly construction delays. ATLAPEX solid skid steer tires with full range options, for users convenience, ATLAPEX offer two options which are tire with rim and without, refer to the pictures as below:

Size: Solid Skid Steer 5.70-12, Solid Skid Steer 23x8.50-12, Solid Skid Steer 27x8.50-15, Solid Skid Steer 30x10-16, Solid Skid Steer 30x10-20,31X10.5-18,31X10.5-20,33x12-20,36.5x12-20,36.5x14-20,38.5x14-20,15.00-20,385/65-24,445/65-24,10x16 5 solid skid steer tires 12x16 5

John deere: 313,315,317,328,332
Cat: 216,226,232
Case: 410,420
Komatsu: sk815-5,sk820-5
Volvo: mc60,mc70
Thomas: 137,153
Jcb: 170,180
New holland: ls140,ls150.ls160,ls170,ls190
Mustang: 2044,2054,2109
Gehl: 4240e,4640e,5240e,7810e
Bobcat: s300,s330,s130,s150,s160,s175,s185
33X12-20 for Bobcat S590
33X12-20 for Bobcat S740
33X12-20 for John Deere 320G
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