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Value-Added product-Tyre Protection Chain

Value-Added product-Tyre Protection Chain

Issue Time:2015-01-05
Value-Added product-Tyre Protection Chain
Atlapex Tyre Protection Chain

A tire protection chain (TPC) is a tight and flexible metal mesh covering the tread and sidewalls of the tire to form a barrier against tire damages through punctures, cut and excessive abrasion by sharp-edged rocks and other objects.

PC is mainly used on wheel loaders and dump trucks working for most harsh environment in below operations:

• Open pit and underground Mining
• Quarrying
• Hot slag handling
• Scrap recycling
• Others (where poor traction, high abrasive or tire piercing objects are serious problems)

Benefit of using Atlapex tire protection chains

Atlapex tire protection chain is designed to save your money, it has been proven to be a high performance and most cost effective option to expensive European tire protection chain makers.

We believe that you will find what the Atlapex tire protection chain is worth using, it will brings you a substantial saving if you use it.

 The sizes listed as following are for reference only and varies according to the different types of protection chains in use and site operation conditions.
atlapex protecion chain
SizeRingLinkNet WTUsage
10.00-20Φ 12mm101F136normal work
Φ 12mm301BF168hot slag
12.00-20Φ 12mm101F155normal work
Φ 12mm301BF195hot slag
16/70-20Φ 12mm101F142normal work
Φ 12mm301BF186hot slag
17.5-25 L3Φ 12mm101F206normal work
Φ14mm101F222hard work
Φ14mm301BF270hot slag
20.5-25 L3Φ12mm101F262normal work
Φ16mm201F386hard work
Φ14mm301BF352hot slag
18.00-25 L3Φ12mm101F316normal work
Φ16mm201F412hard work
Φ14mm301BF417hot slag
23.5-25 L3Φ12mm101F345normal work
Φ16mm201F456hard work
Φ14mm301BF458hot slag
26.5-25 L3Φ14mm101F472normal work
Φ16mm201F532hard work
Φ14mm301BF572hot slag
29.5-25 L5Φ16mm201F716normal work
Φ18mm301F912hard work
Φ14mm301BF756hot slag
29.5-29 L5Φ16mm201F798normal work
Φ18mm301F1028hard work
Φ14mm301BF802hot slag
35/65-33 L5Φ16mm201F886normal work
Φ18mm301F1152hard work
Φ14mm301BF886hot slag
45/65-45 L5Φ18mm301F1940normal work
Φ20mm401F2322hard work
Φ18mm401BF2438hot slag
A sheet of Tyre protection Chain questionnaire available will help you well understand which size and what kind protection should be selected.

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