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How to choose a right tire from a TRA Code?

How to choose a right tire from a TRA Code?

Update Time:2020-04-16
How to choose a right tire from a TRA Code?
A TRA code always consists of a letter that is followed by a number which is recognised as an international benchmark.

It is validated by the ISO (International Standard Organisation), the ETRTO (European tire and Rim Organisation), the TRA (tire and Rim Association) and the JATMA (Japan Automobile tire Manufacturers Association). They have defined four types of OTR tires - based on their purpose - and industrial tires. The designated category can be found on the sidewall of the tire. The types  are found below; and are reflected in the first letter(s) of the TRA code:

·C = Compactor (road-building machines and rollers)
·L = Loader/Dozer 
·G = Grader
·E = Earthmoving (transport; scrapers, articulated and rigid dump trucks, etc.)
·IND = Industrial (port, forklift etc.)

The following number represents the tread depth:
  2/3 stands for 100% tread depth
  4 stands for 150% tread depth
  5 stands for 250% tread depth
if this is followed by another letter, this will say something about the tire's pattern:
  S for‘Smooth’
  T for ‘Traction’
  R for ‘Rock’
The tire in this LHD is L-5S, which is L for loader, 5 for tread depth and S stands for soomth.
L-5S LHD tire
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