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What's The Advantage of ATLAPEX Port Tires?

What's The Advantage of ATLAPEX Port Tires?

Update Time:2020-03-25
What's The Advantage of ATLAPEX Port Tires?
ATLAPEX port tires are widely used in material handling industry. With the feature of its wear resistance coupound, wide and deep tread offering very good traction along with high good CPH. ATLAPEX port tires can be used in extreme duty working condition, it is designed for long time working.  ATLAPEX port  tires are ideally suited for handling heavy container loads over long distances on gathering chassis, empty container, reach stacker, RTG, container handler etc.
Strong Carcass and Bead Design

Port tire bead supports the most weight of the loading container up to 30 tons even more.  so super bead design is needed, Thanks to ATLAPEX engineers creat a specific structure to qualify this heavy work. more stable and durable.
Special Tool for Bead Protection 

Bead area is always the most import area in tires, to deliver the best products, ATLAPEX team created a special  tool to protect the bead avoid any impact during the delivery process. We trust our meticulous detailed  work can take the value to our customers.
Rright Pattern for Right working condition.

Different tires for different applicaitons, with this product design concept, ATLAPEX created 6 patterns for customers different working condition with concerning of weather, road condition, working hours, vehicles etc. 
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