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Whole Process of Making a Pneumatic Tire?

Whole Process of Making a Pneumatic Tire?

Update Time:2020-03-18
Whole Process of Making a Pneumatic Tire
1.Mixing machine/ Banburying
Put raw material(Natural Rubber,Carbon Black, Oil, Additive, Rubber Accelerator) to Banbury Mixer,and produce sizing material, and rubbe part material.

Put the sizing material into extruding machine,and extruding Triangle rubber strip. 

Cord thread get through the calender,and sizing material rub off on cord thread. 

4.Bead moulding 
Bead is wrapped by many steel wire which is hanging.

5.Tyre Fabrics cutting 
Cut the Tyre Fabrics in different Width and the Angle.(Width and angle is due to tyre size) 

6.Stick triangle rubber strip
Stick the triangle rubber strip to Bead by hand,triangle rubber strip is very important for operating performance of the tire.  

7.Tire moulding
assembling the semi-finished tyre to green tire. 

Put the green tyre into mould (with specific pattern) of vulcanizer,the purpose of the vulcanization is strengthen tension,hardness and elasticity of tire in the condition of high temperature and high pressure. 

9.Final Inspection
Final Inspection including appearance inspection,homogeneity experiment and X-ray detection.our quality inspeciton workers will check tyre one by one  

10.Tyre Testing
We'll use advanced machine to do high speed test and fatigue test. 
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