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What's applications of your rims and wheels ?

What's applications of your rims and wheels ?

Update Time:2020-03-05
Applications and Structures for Atlapex wheels and Rims
Atlapex offers specialty wheels for different applications, Industries Wheels, Construction Wheels, Mining Wheels, Agricultural Wheels etc. 

Mining Application: Dump truck,LHD, Wheel Loader&Dozer and other special purpose wheeled vehicles of the mining industry.
To offer best performance during rough working situation, forged material is used for the most  critical components, and most parts are fully machined. We use Lincoln© welding equipment and non-destructive inspection to prevent weld defects.

Construction Application: Wheel loader, Excavator, Grader, Crane,Compactor,Backhoe, Skid Steer.
Single-piece and multi-piece series’ wheels for construction industries fully utilize high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel.  Heat treated material is used for critical components of multi-piece wheels.  Auto butt-welding is widely used on rim, ring and other circular parts; All circumferential weld seams are inspected by non-destructive inspection to ensure zero defect.

Agricultural Application: tractor, combine harvester, spraying and irrigation machinery, agricultural implements, flotation vehicles, Sugar Ethanol/Sugar cane trailers, slurry tankers and balers
producing agricultural wheels in the W,DW, DC and FB series for Adjustable disc wheels, fixed disc wheels, high speed tractor wheels, row crop wheels and flotation wheels. The wheels are used for . All agriculture wheels are finished with e-coat and powder paint to ensure paint durability under moist/corrosive environment. 

Industrial Application: 
Forklifts  Harbor equipments, Ground support equipments,Various handlers, Stackers and cranes.
The multi piece wheels, split rims, mold-ons, press-ons and single-piece wheels for above mentioned industrial vehicles are designed and produced according to TRA, ETRTO & JATMA standards.  Hot-formed steel is widely utilized on critical parts and we use innovative forming process to ensure highest performance and durability and to realize cost-effeciency for our customers.
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