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Why choose us
13 years of  experience specializing in manufacture and distribution of OTR tires, industrial tires, Agricultural tires, polyurethane tires etc.

  • 36 Months Warranty
    ATLAPEX offers 36 months warranty for our specialty tires and wheels. Responsable every single tire out of us.
  • Full Range of Applications.
    ATLAPEX full range of products application to aerial working platforms, mining and construction machinery, material handling etc.
  • Production Visualization Report
    You can get a Visualization Report for all products, appearance will be sent  through by pictures and video before delivery.
  • High Standard Inspection Process
    ATLAPEX is always responsible for every single tire out of us, we do full inspection to all products from raw material to delivery process.

Product Category
Right tire to right application, ATLAPEX offers 100+ patterns, 10+ compound for your options to your equipment.

To create unique advantages, ATLAPEX team design, implement and support a variety of value-added services to build good relationship with our partners.

  • Products Development 
    ATLAPEX has been developing various more safer, more durable, and more economical speicalty tires for our customers.
  • Tyre&Wheel Assembling       
    Workers are injured or killed every year while handling tires and wheel assemblies at workplaces while the following matter happened
  • Tire Foam Fill      
    A foam filled tire is a regular tire which is filled with polyurethane. The tire is like a shell wrapping the polyurethane elastomer with low hardness inside.
  • Related Products Sourcing       
    ATLAPEX is offering one-stop service for tires related product. For many years in the tire industry ATLAPEX has been built a stable relationship with suppliers.

ATLAPEX offers full range of products which application to Industry, mining, construction, agriculture, etc.

You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience,and an end product that is the best.
What's your strengths of ATLAPEX solid tires?
Strengths of ATLAPEX solid tires:
Re. The best quality ingredients The most professional rubber compounding The most efficient vulcanization molding Best formula design and three-layer structure ATLAPEX solid tires, Safer, more convenient and more durable
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How to choose a right tire from a TRA Code?
TRA is an association, short for tire and rim association.
A TRA code always consists of a letter that is followed by a number which is recognised as an international benchmark.
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What's the benefit of Solid OTR tires ?
There are many applications in which pneumatic OTR tires perform extremely well. On the other hand, there are applications that go beyond a pneumatic tire’s capabilities: transfer stations, scrap yards, and steel mills, to name a few.
Because of this, many dealers offer tire fill to address the toughest applications with a pneumatic tire – but there also are other options, like a press-on solid (POS) or molded OTR product.
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Do you have service of tire and rim combination?
ATLAPEX dedicated to be a one-stop service provider,
ATLAPEX dedicated to be a one-stop service provider, we have service to assemble tires and wheels for OTR, Agri, industrial tires etc at a reasonable cost.
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